Artists who have worked with the Choir

Bromley Philharmonic Choir has had the good fortune to work with a long list of excellent musicians.

Here are the names of some of them:
Music Directors:
Audrey Langford (1949-81)
David Parry (1981-87)
Mark Fitz-Gerald (1987-91, 93-97)
Paul McGrath (1991)
Tomás Creagh-Fuller (1991-1993)
Robyn Sevastos (1997- )

Others who have conducted Bromley Philharmonic Choir in concert:
Peter Ash
William Bardwell
Michael Blackley
Adrian Brown
Anthony Connery
David Coronel
Sir Edward Downes

Jonathan Finney
Trevor Harvey
Bernard Keeffe
Peter Litman
Sydney Northcote
Michael Thomas
Clive Timms

Hundreds of soloists have performed with Bromley Philharmonic Choir. Here are the names of those who have sung most frequently:
John Bailey
Susan Bisatt
Kenneth Bowen
Richard Broadley
Pamela Brooks
Judith Buckle
Anne Caswell
Arthur Clarke
Stephanie Crooks
Alfred Colthup
Carol Daniels
Philip Doghan
Julian Empett
Andrew Field
Brian Gordon
Robin Green
Peter Grevatt
Ralph Griggs
Rachel Halliwell
Henry Herford
Martyn Hill

Paul Hodges
Bronwen Mills
Suzanna Murray
Mary Newman-Pound
Paul Nilon
Christopher Painter
Paul Parfitt
Jean Peters
William Pool
Ereach Riley
Pamela Shipcott
Marjorie Thomas
Elizabeth Tippett
David Todd
David Turner
Josephine Veasey
Laurence Wallington
Anne Welch
Mary Wells
Harold Williams
Pamela Woolmore

Other well-known singers have performed with the Choir, including:
Diana Montague
Heddle Nash
Harry Nicoll
Bruce Rankin
Shelagh Squires
Joan Sutherland
Pauline Tinsley
Wendy Verco