Information for Choir Members

These pages contain important information including rehearsal dates, details of our concert dress code and practice resources to download or watch.

There will be news for choir members plus a list of key dates.

There is a list of the current members of the committee.

We sometimes send out emails to all members whose addresses we have in our email list. You will be told at a rehearsal when this is done, so if you don’t receive an email, please advise us so that we can update our records.

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(Page last updated 3rd October 2013)
In general, our concert dress is all black for ladies, and DJs and black bow ties for men. However, we add some seasonal decoration for the Christmas concert, and sometimes switch to pastel shades for the summer concert, depending on the programme — further instructions for each concert will be announced nearer the time. We will also permit a certain amount of jewellery, but again, we decide how much is appropriate for each concert individually.